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“I was glad I contacted Helen! She (and her colleague) was very professional. They worked really fast and efficient. They did a 4.5 hrs work to help me open the boxes and organize everything in the apartment. After that, it was very easy for me to take further steps necessary to make our apartment looks tidy and clean, free of piles of boxes. I truly recommend them to anyone needing someone to help them with their apartment/house organization, staging, etc. or if you simply need a “new look” for your closets or in need of advice on how to organize storage etc. I am a perfectionist and so is Helen. It was a perfect match and I was really happy I worked with them on this project. “

– Y.A., Kansas City, MO

“We were so pleased that an outsider was able to help our young adult daughter organize her living space in a way that made sense to my her. Helen was calmly energetic and conversational, and my daughter didn’t feel judged at all. We would definitely use her again!”

– Suzanne, Kearney, MO

“This was a great experience. My garage was horrible and had been a dumping ground for boxes since I moved six years ago. Helen’s system seamlessly made the space come together. I had a clean, de-cluttered and organized garage in just three hours. She even took away items for donation. I used to be so embarrassed every time I opened the garage door. Now, I don’t have to rush to close it anymore!”

-Karen, Olathe, KS

“Helen was so amazing! She helped me organize my pantry, kitchen, living room and a very neglected children’s art storage area. In addition to that service, she also consulted with me on what my next move(s) should be. My favorite part was her positive and friendly disposition, which was completely non-judgmental. I will definitely use this service again!”

– Jessica. Kansas City, MO

“My garage was in really bad shape. The third-car area was used as haphazard storage. Empty and full boxes were all over and in no particular order. Just the thought of cleaning it up had me running in the opposite direction. So, when only one person showed up to help de-clutter, organize and clean my crazy garage I was certain we wouldn’t accomplish anything. I am happy to report that I was wrong! I wish I could remember the name of the woman who showed up that morning. She knows her stuff! And, in three hours we had an organized, de-cluttered and clean garage. I can actually see the floor and walls!”

– Allison in Houston, TX





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